Our Crafter’s Blend

Smooth Taste and Superior Flavor

Mugshot Coffee Roasters’ signature coffee is our Crafter’s Blend coffee and as indicated, it’s truly the best medium roast blend on the market.

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘Crafter’s Blend’?   Here at Mugshot Coffee Roasters, we have developed a blend that  combines different roasts, varietals, and brewing methods that impact the final product. Mugshot Coffee - AraCrafter’s Blend is truly an effort to bring the best of the world’s beans together for the perfect cup of coffee.

Don’t compromise your coffee morals by subjecting yourself to pre-ground, stale, burnt, or otherwise sub par coffee.

Being a coffee enthusiast is about being educated, passionate, and informed about our beloved bean.

Mugshot Coffee Roasters’ Crafter’s Blend will renew your faith in coffee. It’s a perfect combination of Bolivian and Colombian beans that delivers an extraordinary cup of Joe.  With notes of brown sugar, cinnamon, chocolate, and hazelnut, this blend is rich, smooth, and balanced.

Mugshot Coffee Roasters is based in Southern California and we pride ourselves on crafting the best tasting coffee on the planet.