Single Origin Coffee

Mugshot Coffee Roasters focuses on small batch and single origin coffee. Ours is custom and gourmet coffee that stands above the crowd.

Single origin means that our coffee comes from small geographical areas and is never mixed with coffee beans from other parts of the world. This makes for a taste that is uniform, rich, and unparalleled.

Mugshot Coffee Roasters focuses on these single origin varietals:

  • Bolivia: Has hints of chocolate, squash, fig, hazelnut. Also chardonnaylike, pleasant acidity, super creamy body and very balanced.
  • Colombia: Very popular coffee with floral, brown sugar, cinnamon, orange, and cola notes. This coffee is very complex; syrupy with medium to high acidity. Excellent taste with a clean finish.
  • Ethiopia:  One of the world’s best known coffees and for good reason. Full of black tea, citrus, and vanilla flavor. Extremely silky and refined. Lavender, lemon, very clean and pleasant, lively acidity and creamy body.
  • Tanzania:  Truly unique flavor that has very balanced acidity and medium body. Aromas of toast and cream with flavors of Meyer lemon curd.